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From success to significance

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About Me

Lawrence Leong was a Financial Services Director with AIA Singapore and co-founder of Round Table Partnership (RTP).
Over the last four decades, Lawrence and his team of financial consultants have been empowering families to be financially free through comprehensive insurance and estate planning.
The team had achieved numerous awards including the prestigious Pinnacle Club, Summit Club and Hall of Honours. Additionally, he was admitted to AIA Hall of Fame in 2004.
With the heart to contribute back to the industry, Lawrence was also the AMTC, PMO, EMD program moderator for close to three decades.
He is happily married to the love of his life Moyra and have raised two outstanding children, Timothy and Evangeline. Their weekends are often spent with the families and their three adorable grandchildren.
Today, Lawrence is serving actively in church’s ministries, conducting training on money management as well as pre- and post-marriage counselling in various organisations. Meanwhile, he is also contributing back to the financial services industry in his own capacity as a certified life coach and trainer.

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