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Master Your Money

What is our Biggest Asset?

• The biggest asset we have is our ability to get up everyday and earn a living. If we can keep doing it we will earn a fortune.

• When you retire it wont’ matter how much you earned. What will matter is how much you kept.

Statistics of an Uncertain Economy – Age 65

• The income of most professional people hit a high at age 47.5 and plunge rapidly after age 54

• 11 out of 12 women will become widows

• 80% owe more than what they own

• 20% of income is used for debt repayment

Where will you be financially at 60?

• Aged Population of Singapore reveals that for every 100 employed people at age 60:

• 10 are dead

• 40 have monthly income of under $1000

• 41 have monthly income of $ 1K to $2K

• 9 have incomes over $2K (Financially Successful )

• Paradox

• Singapore, one of the world’s richest nations, may have thousands considered to be financially dependent.

These people didn’t plan to fail… They failed to plan.

Planning for Your Future Security

I assume you would want to be among those who will be financially successful.

Is that right?

The longer we wait, the longer we will achieve financial independence when we retire!

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