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Stickability - From Success to Significance (Print Edition)

Stickability - From Success to Significance (Print Edition)


By Lawrence Leong


The idea of writing a book was first planted some twenty years ago during one of my overseas speaking engagements in Bangkok.


Motivated by what I had shared on stage, the audience was eager to receive more and asked if I had any books for sales. That simple question got me thinking and I started journaling the major milestones in my life. Little did I realise at that moment I would only revisit this idea towards the end of my career with AIA.


However, I believe there is a season for everything, God has made everything beautiful in its time. In the midst of preparing and writing this book, I am being reminded time and again how I have been so wonderfully blessed.


As such, my purpose for writing this book can never be clearer: That is to honour and leave a legacy for my God and my family.


Part of the sales proceeds from this book will be donated to charity.

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